At 10 months, he weighs ... 20 kg!

At 10 months, he weighs ... 20 kg!

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In a Chinese hospital, doctors were surprised to see a 10-month-old baby weighing 20 kilograms, the weight of a six-year-old child! (News of the 27/08/10)

  • When the "little" Xiao Lei arrived with his parents in the Changsha hospital, the capital of Hunan Province, because of a bout of fever, the doctors did not believe their eyes. At 10 months, he already weighs 20 kg, the weight of a six-year-old child.
  • This overweight does not prevent the child, nicknamed "baby Michelin" to be in good health. Doctors have not found a medical reason for this anomaly, but it has nonetheless become the symbol of the wave of obesity that threatens the country.
  • According to the Ministry of Health, Chinese society is estimated to number some 60 million obese (the equivalent of almost the entire French population), not to mention the other 200 million people who are overweight.
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