10 Christmas markets to furrow with your family

10 Christmas markets to furrow with your family

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Christmas markets settle in France during the months of November and December. Animations, decorations and small chalets plunge the visitors in the magic of Christmas and the end of the year festivities.

Christmas lights in Montbeliard

From November 23, 2019 to December 24, 2019, the Christmas Lights are moving to Montbéliard. Montbéliard, City of Princes, offers an ideal setting to highlight the sumptuous Christmas lights, through its iconic monuments.

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Strasbourg Christmas capital

November 22 to December 30, 2019, the magic of Christmas is settling in Strasbourg! Born in 1570, the Strasbourg Christmas market is the oldest in Europe and the most famous for its size and location in the European capital. With some 300 chalets spread over 11 sites in the heart of the city, including around the cathedral. Its must-see markets are to be discovered without hurry while strolling from place to place.

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Christmas market on the forecourt of La Défense

From November 21st to December 28th, 2019, the Christmas Market of the Defense is back, on the Parvis of the Defense. It is the largest Christmas village in Ile-de-France. More than 300 Christmas cottages, at the foot of the Grande Arche, on 13,000 m2. Christmas decorations, Santa Claus village, entertainment, concerts ... a place for a family outing.

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Christmas market of Marseille

From November 16, 2019 to January 6, 2020, do not miss Marseille's Christmas Market in the picturesque setting of the Vieux Port. In more than 80 wooden houses, craftsmen and traders offer traditional local products: soaps, jewelery, decorations, paintings, chocolates, wooden toys ... Place du General de Gaulle, the Christmas Santons fair, which has been in existence since 1803, installs with his 40 stonemasons and clay figurines. For the whole family, entertainment: shows, parades, fire-eaters, waders, concerts ...

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Lyon Christmas Market

From November 23 to December 24, 2019, Lyon gets in the colors of Christmas! The Christmas Market of Lyon is, on the place Carnot, a small wooden village of 140 illuminated and glittering chalets that offer Christmas decorations, local products, original gifts, toys by the thousands, colors and flavors of elsewhere and animations designed for everyone! A must for all the family.

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Colmar Christmas Markets

From November 22 to December 29, 2019, the magic of Christmas comes to Colmar, Alsace, with five fairy Christmas markets. Animations, Christmas carols, children's shows at the municipal theater and exhibitions of exceptional objects make this Christmas market, in the city center given to pedestrians, a magic walk for the whole family.

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Lille Christmas Market

From November 22 to December 29, 2019, the Christmas market moved to Lille on the Grand Place. Big Wheel at 50 meters above sea level to admire the spectacle of Lille at Christmas, a giant Christmas tree 18m high and place Rihour, a Christmas market. More than 80 illuminated chalets offer various Christmas-themed crafts: gourmet treats and specialties, decorations, toys, jewelery, clothes and other gift ideas. Without forgetting the animations for children.

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Christmas market in Nice

From December 6, 2019 to January 5, 2020, Christmas in Nice is synonymous with wonder and celebration for young and old. The Christmas Village has about sixty chalets.

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The Christmas Fabrics of Mulhouse

From November 23 to December 29, 2019, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, find Christmas Fabrics in Mulhouse. Each year, a new fabric celebrates the textile tradition of the city, and parks the city hall or spans certain streets. Christmas in Mulhouse is also a Christmas market, a big wheel of 38m, songs and Christmas tales, multiple workshops for children and parents, carriage rides, meetings with Santa Claus ...

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Christmas market in Amiens

From November 23 to December 30, 2019, it's a 2 km walk of cottages that will take up residence in the heart of Amiens to let live the magic of Christmas. Visitors will find something to do their shopping. Gift ideas, from here and elsewhere, for all ages and all budgets. Typical Christmas treats and regional products: maple syrup from Canada, hot wine, Christmas shortbread and gingerbread, ... All ages, family and friends are invited to live the magic of Christmas just 1h30 from Paris and Lille.

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