Year after year, he progresses!

Year after year, he progresses!

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Small, medium and large sections ... discover the program of your schoolchildren in kindergarten. A very rich program that takes on the appearance of games, stories and fun. But make no mistake, it's work!

He learns what in small section?

Who said kindergarten children were just playing? Language, discovery of writing, learning to live in a group, discovering the world ... it's crazy what your toddler will learn in small section of kindergarten.

The program of the small section.

He learns what in average section?

Memories of nursery rhymes and poems, identification of letters and syllables, learning of group life, team games, observation of plants and small animals ... this is what your young student will learn in medium section.

The program of the medium section.

He learns what in large section?

Poetry, vowel recognition, cursive writing, sense of responsibility, construction of objects in volume, environmental awareness, sculpture ... the program of the large kindergarten section is very rich and varied.

The program of the large section.

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