AMP: what do you know?

AMP: what do you know?

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Today, thanks to medical assistance procreation, AMP, couples encountering difficulties in conceiving a child find many solutions to their problem of infertility. Reproductive medicine today works miracles! And where are you on the subject? Ready for our quiz?

Question (1/7)

Sterility is synonymous with infertility?

That's right. It's wrong.


Sterility is the biological impossibility to procreate. Infertility is preferred when, after at least one year of unprotected sex, the ability to procreate naturally is unsuccessful. In nearly 80% of the cases, the dysfunction of the fecundability, probability to start a pregnancy, is identified (alteration of the production of spermatozoa and oocytes, obstacles on the genital tract ...). Cyclical factors (modern lifestyle, stress ...), environmental (pollution, endocrine disruptors ...) and sociological (desire for a much later child in women ...) can also increase the causes of infertility.
According to the Biomedicine Agency, of the 10 to 20% of couples who consult for infertility in developed countries, less than 5% of them are recognized as permanently sterile.



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