10 ways to nail him to Santa

10 ways to nail him to Santa

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How will Santa know where I live? How does it do if you do not have a chimney? How does he make his toys? Your elf is full of questions. So full that it takes our head. Here are 10 small animations to answer him with humor.

1. Say, he's flying for real Santa Claus?

For sure, my heart, the proof ...

2. Tell me, how will he know where I live Santa?

His reindeer are equipped and have GPS, you know!

3. Say, and if his reindeer are sick at Santa Claus?

No problem, he takes his skis!

4. Say, how does it go through the chimney Santa?

Easy, my angel, look ...

5. Say, and he goes away how Santa Claus?

Like this! Easy…

6. Say, if you do not have a fireplace, how does Santa do it?

Do not worry, he has his technique good to him

7. Say, he makes them how his toys Santa?

Do not worry, he has assistants ... real pros

8. Tell me, how will he know what to bring me Santa?

Do not worry, he has a list

9. Say, he has a phone Santa Claus?

For sure, he is his time and connected ...

10. Say, what's the rest of the year, Santa Claus?

He has a very simple life you know ...

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