Pollen Alert: iPhone application

Pollen Alert: iPhone application

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Spring is back ... pollen and hay fever too! In order to keep you informed, wherever you are, on the risks of allergies, Swiss Life * launched in March 2012 Pollen Alert, a free Iphone application.

The iPhone, an anti-allergic remedy?

  • In France, pollens are responsible for 10 to 20% Respiratory allergies, known as "hay fever".
  • The arrival of pollens in the spring causes allergic peaks and causes many inconveniences in people with allergies.
  • In order to better anticipate the risks of allergies, Swiss Life *, in partnership with the RSNA ** offers an iPhone application.
  • "Pollen Alert" allows among other things to consult and monitor the alert level in real time different pollens in one or more departments.
  • Pollen Alert also offers the ability to create custom alerts.
  • This application is free.
  • To download it, click here.

* Health insurance company** National Network of Aerobiological Surveillance

Frédérique Odasso