Alert on Green Island: episode 3

Alert on Green Island: episode 3

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It's panic on the Green Island, Bluette the whale is trapped in a net! Bob the crab, Tremblette the octopus, Pepin the dolphin ... all the friends of our rescuer at sea start to help him. Will they manage to save her? The continuation and the end of our last story.

  • Pecking, Feather cuts the net; Bob is doing the same. Tremblote and Pepin help Bluette go out without getting hurt.
  • "Thank you for saving me! said Bluette to his friends. You have done well: do you want to become my teammates? "
  • Tremblote, Pépin, Bob, Plume and Marin agree: Bluette has a good joband they will be happy to help him. Celeste, who has seen everything, is a little embarrassed. But she has an idea to catch up ...
  • From now on, the bluette front shines Celeste. Thanks to the light of the star, Bluette is no longer likely to get caught in a net.
  • And his new teammates found him a nickname: "lsheriff of the seas!"
  • When Bluette wants to play, his teammates take over. Like all whales, she can jump, sing and have fun.


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A story written by Pascale Hédelin, illustrated by Masha White, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.