Alert on Green Island: episode 2

Alert on Green Island: episode 2

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Pepin the dolphin is attacked by an evil shark ... Bluette the whale, our rescuer at sea, goes to his rescue. But, soon, she's going to need help ... The rest of our story.

  • Bluette rushes on the shark and with a stroke of the tail makes him roll off. The shark spins without turning around. "What a beautiful job that mine!"Bluette thinks.
  • The whale finally arrives at Green Island. There, she discovers the star, trying to swim. Bluette slips it on her back, and throws it on the shore in a jet of water. "Here you are saved ! trumpet the whale. You can fly."
  • Instead of thanking her, the star, named Celeste, grumbles: "I did not ask you anything! I want to be a starfish, so leave me alone."Bluette is stunned, for the first time she is rejected!
  • She is so upset that she is swimming without looking. And she does not notice the net in front of her. Suddenly ... it's trapped! Tremblote, who passes nearby, sees Bluette trapped. The octopus is going to look for Pepin, Bob, Plume and Marin, which the whale has saved.

Will Bluette's friends succeed in their rescue? The end.

A story written by Pascale Hédelin, illustrated by Masha White, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.