Alert on Green Island: episode 1

Alert on Green Island: episode 1

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Bluette is a whale ... like no other. His job ? Lifeguard at sea! And in the ocean around Green Island, there is work. Quick, immerse yourself in our story.

  • Whales spend their time singing, leaping and diving. But not Bluette. When her cousins ​​call her, she answers! "I'm on a mission !"
  • Because Bluette is a rescuer at sea. She has already saved Marin the parrotfish, caught in a net, Bob the crab, stuck under a rock, and Feather the seagull, poisoned by the oil of a freighter.
  • Sometimes Bluette regrets being too busy to play. But what would the inhabitants of the ocean do without it?
  • One night, during her night shift, Bluette heard a noise. A star fell from the sky near Green Island! The whale springs to save her.
  • On the way, she crosses Trembling the octopus, who calls for the rescue. He woke up with entangled tentacles! Bluette disenturbates him and resumes his race. On the way, she crosses Pip the dolphin, attacked by a shark.

Will Bluette manage to save Pepin the Dauphin? The second episode.

A story written by Pascale Hédelin, illustrated by Masha White, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.