Playground: watch out for falls!

Playground: watch out for falls!

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A trip to the park after school? Yes, provided you follow some safety rules to avoid falls and other accidents!

Each year, a hundred toboggan falls are recorded, causing bruises (42%) and fractures (37%). In order not to waste this moment of relaxation at the park, some safety rules are imperative to ensure the safety of your child.

Check the status of the games

If you take your child to a public square or park, make sure that:

  • On each equipment must be marked "in accordance with the safety requirements".
  • Games must be well maintained and receiving floors, damping.
  • The toboggans and suspension bridges must be equipped with protective barriers at the top of the ladder.
  • Turnstiles must be secure and provided with a central plateau so that children do not get stuck.

To avoid falls, watch your child well

  • Secure equipment is good, supervised children, it's better! When you are in a park, be sure to look at the pictograms indicating the age ranges on the equipment. A 3-year-old can not play the same games as a 6-year-old. Finally, do not dress your child with clothes with cords and take off his scarf the time he plays.

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