10 shots to boost your natural defenses

10 shots to boost your natural defenses

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The immune system of your child, up to 5-6 years, is maturing, so still imperfect. Our suggestions to help him better defend against the procession of winter infections ...

1. Do not rush on antibiotics

  • At the first small rhino, you may be tempted to draw the weapon of death: antibiotics, hoping to stop the chain of infections throughout the winter. Mistake ! By treating an infection too early, you do not give your child's immune system time to produce antibodies. If he meets again this bacteria in a few weeks, he will have no "troupe" defense. In addition, antibiotics do not just kill the germ that infects the ear, throat or lungs: they destroy at the same time part of the flora in the digestive tract and ENT mucosa. Too bad, because it plays the role of protective barrier. Using antibiotics too soon favors subsequent infections ...

2. Bet on the pneumococcal vaccine

  • Of course, there are no vaccines against ear infections, angina or rhinos! And yet, the one against pneumococcal infections can prove to be a very interesting ally against the winter evils. It has indeed been proven that it reduces ENT infections and especially otitis. Currently, this vaccine is not mandatory (except for babies born on or after January 1, 2018) but recommended for children under 2 years of age who are kept for more than four hours a week with more than two children, as well as only for those who have received less than two months of breastfeeding.

3. Do not give up too quickly to the community

  • No daycare for your baby? There is no question that he recovers all the microbes of others ... A calculation in the short term! To mature and build as complete a "catalog" of antibodies as possible, your child's immune system needs to be confronted with all kinds of viruses and bacteria. For lack of opponents, he will never learn to fight! Moreover, it has been shown that the excessive reduction of respiratory infections during the first years contributes to the emergence of allergic diseases later on. He had two or three otitis last winter or even bronchiolitis? This is not reason enough to remove it from the community! You will see that this year he will already be stronger. If, on the other hand, he has not ceased to be sick the previous year, it is better to consider another mode of care for the moment. If his body has no respite between two infections, the immune system is exhausted ... and the probability of being sick again increases. A real vicious circle.

4. Emphasize hygiene

  • Did you know ? Many respiratory viruses are transmitted by the hands. To protect your toddler from their attacks, the best way is to wash your handcuffs, as well as your own hands, often and carefully. Do not forget the underside of the nails ... it's crazy as the ugly little beasts have a bad tendency to lodge everywhere! Pacifiers are also true nests for microbes. Remember to sterilize his once a day. And above all, help him to do without it as soon as possible, because researchers have established that beyond 1 year continue to use it promotes the occurrence of ear infections.

5. Fight against indoor pollution

  • Against the toxic fumes released by the exhaust pipes, you can not do much. On the other hand, you have all the power to clean up the air you breathe at home! An overly heated and dry atmosphere weakens the respiratory mucosa and makes it more vulnerable to viral and bacterial attacks. Not to mention that modern homes, well insulated, limit the maximum outdoor air intake, to the delight of viruses and germs that are not disturbed. Quick air! Ventilate all rooms daily, keep the temperature at 19 ° C and if necessary, moisten the air.

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