Childbirth, how is it?

Childbirth, how is it?

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The big day of birth is approaching and you wonder what will happen exactly when you arrive at the maternity ward. Contractions, dilation, breathing, expulsion ... discover in preview the story of your future childbirth.

Here you are at the end of your nine months of pregnancy ... Your baby weighs on average 3.5 kg and measures 50 cm from head to heels. In most cases, he has been upside down for a few weeks now. But are you wondering when to go for maternity? The alert will be given by contractions in the lower belly, often comparable to painful periods. Gradually, they regularize themselves, get closer, become longer and more intense. "The location of the pain depends on the position of the baby.When his back is forward, the pain is on the belly.When his back is backwards, against that of the mother, she is located in the kidneys, "says Christine Sanhueza, midwife.

Identify contractions

  • After a contraction, you do not hurt anymore, waiting for the next one. Observe the rest time between contractions. If they appear regularly, 5 or 10 minutes apart, it's time to leave for motherhood. If it is your second child, cervical dilatation is faster, leave as soon as the contractions are regular and well paced, whatever their interval.
  • The loss of waters can also occur before the start of work, when you are still at home. Even if it's a simple crack in the water pocket, you have to leave.
  • At this point, the experts have discovered that your baby is sleeping quietly. Last instructions: do not drink and do not eat anything, your stomach must be empty in case anesthesia is necessary.
  • Grab the two ready-made suitcases, yours and your baby's, and drive to the maternity ward! There, the midwife welcomes you and conducts the first exams. It examines the progress of dilation of the cervix of your uterus. "If the water bag has broken, the continuation of the work depends on the appearance of the liquid: if it is clear, we let the work be done quietly, on the other hand, if it is tinted, it accelerates ", says Christine Sanhueza.

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