9 little games to do in the shade with baby

9 little games to do in the shade with baby

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The toddlers have no choice ... when the sun beats, it is under the umbrella that hides! And what do we do in the shade? We play ! Here are 9 funny game ideas to offer from 1 to 3 years.

3 games to offer around 1 year

  • The balloon duffel. Fill sand with a balloon (about the value of two bowls). Close the mouthpiece with a knot and give this funny bag to your little one, he will immediately know how to use it: to push a finger, a hand, discover that he can knead, knead, make a round or oval ball ... And even put your head to make a nice pillow for napping.
  • Wonderful bottles. Keep the plastic bottles (the big ones of a liter and a half ... and the small ones of half-liter), as well as the bottles of milk with their cap. Wash them and slip them into your beach bag. All light, they will serve you to improvise musical instruments. In those with a narrow neck, you will slip sand, in the wide necks you will introduce seashells or small objects: coins, keys ... Close with their cap these improvised rattles. To him to play!
  • The test boxes. It's way too small to make pies, then a bucket and sand pans ... he'll probably prefer a laundry cap, a photo film box, a few plastic boxes to store food, and a small spoon (more precise than a shovel), because its great pleasure is to fill and empty small containers in large and vice versa.

3 games to share at 2 years

  • Take your hand in the sand. At this age, your toddler likes to reassure himself about the permanence of the objects (and at the same time the people he loves) by playing "hello there they are" ... But he does not need too much emotion. By burying all of his hand in the sand right away, you may hear him scream with concern. First sand your hand and pull out your fingers one by one. The first effect will be the surprise. At the second try, the interest. Third, excitement ... In the tenth, you can hide his hand without scaring him!
  • The surprise pie. If he does not know how to do it, on the other hand, he loves crushing the pies you do to distract him. Renew his pleasure by sliding in one of your shovels of sand a big shell. Return your work and, each with his index finger, scratch the pie to find the shell. The first who touches him has won ... Presumably the result will be the same: the pie will soon be "crushed".
  • The mysterious imprint. Spread in front of him a rectangle of sand well net and very slightly wet (go to get sand in the "layers" deep). Apply his hand, his foot, yours, a tube of sunscreen on this "printer". It's up to him to put the originals on their prints.

3 games that will please him around 3 years

  • The treasure of the pharaoh. Your earring, your bag mirror ... or his little car are indisputably treasures. Ask him not to look at and quickly "build" three sand pyramids, hiding the object inside one of them. To him to find the treasure.
  • The magic string. Improvise a beautiful slate, by wetting and gently smoothing the sand at his feet. Lend the cord of your sunglasses, your necklace or just a piece of string and let it wrap around his whim, on the wet sand. When he raises his serpentine, he will discover the abstract work he has created.
  • The Memory shells. Pick up on the beach two shell shells, two tiny pearlescent ones, two knives, two pebbles, two pieces of glass polished by the waves ... in short, pairs of "articles" rejected by the sea, and fill a third of its bucket of 'disparate objects: shattered shells or different natures, sticks of wood ... Draw in front of him a rectangle separated into two lines of four boxes. On the first line, place one of your pair's items and drag the second item of the pair in the middle of the junk in its bucket. To him to put on the second line the object identical to the one above.

Council + security: the reverberation of the sun on the sand can very well reach under the parasol. Also, even in the shade, coat it with full screen.

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