9th month of pregnancy: 35th to 39th week (37 to 41 weeks)

9th month of pregnancy: 35th to 39th week (37 to 41 weeks)

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Finally, you pass the symbolic stage of the ninth month. This time, for sure, you are in the home stretch. Stay patient, if the pregnancy lasts nine months, it is good that your baby needs this time to come to life in great shape.

Last prenatal visit

  • As with every visit, your doctor will check your baby's growth and listen to his heartbeat for any abnormalities. This appointment will also include an obstetrical examination to assess the volume of your uterus and the precise position of your baby. Your doctor will also observe the dimensions of your pelvis. If he has a doubt, he will prescribe a radiopelvimetry that will determine its size accurately. It will weigh you, take your tension and proceed to a new vaginal touch.

For you, the time is long

  • The maternity bag is ready, your house is nickel, your future baby's room is finished and his little clothes are stored in the wardrobe. You can not wait for the big day and gain weight (between 10 and 15 kg now!). Yet, we will have to be patient. Your baby can be born from one moment to another, but can also take time and come to term. If you feel contractions, it is undoubtedly your uterus who continues his training. Again, you can not miss the real contractions, because that day, no pain reliever or position will relieve you.

Signs that do not deceive

  • You are sure, you are going to give birth. You feel sick, nauseous and tired while so far everything was fine. You are right, this is one of the signs that should not be overlooked. The hormonal change that occurs at the end of the pregnancy, in order to trigger the delivery, is responsible for this sensation. If, in addition, regular contractions appear (time them), you can buckle your suitcase for the maternity. If this is your first child, do not hurry because you still have plenty of time. The starting point to leave: contractions every ten minutes. If in addition you have lost the mucous plug and water, you should already be there!

How is it happening at the maternity ward?

  • On site, do not be surprised if you do not rush to listen to you. You will first be asked to take the paperwork. The time your neck expands, you can go ... Otherwise, it's up to the future dad to stick to it! Afterwards, the medical team will do some tests: take your blood pressure, your temperature and control your urine. In addition, a measurement of the dilatation of your cervix will be taken: if it is only at the beginning, you will be installed in a room while waiting for its total dilatation. The future dad will then have the difficult task of helping you and relax ... A few more hours and your baby will be in your arms. In the meantime, watch our birthing video.

Breastfeeding or bottle?

  • You probably begin to think about it, to take advice right to left, but deep inside you, what do you want? The main thing: do as you feel. It would be pointless to feed your child reluctantly because you read that it was better like that or because your sister did it. Know that, despite the beginnings probably a bit difficult, your milk is the best diet for your child, until its 6 months at least. Packed with antibodies, it will help fight against all kinds of diseases and allergies. Now, if it's the bottle that tempts you, do not panic, the composition of artificial milks is without reproach. Up to you !

The 9th month on the baby side

He is doing a beauty

9th month: the video

My not stupid think of the 9th month

  • Cine, restaurant ... take full advantage of the last moments that you have two.
  • Make an appointment with the hairdresser. It will relax you, we will pamper you and you will be invigorated to face the days you have left before birth.
  • Install the car seat in the car.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork for admission to the maternity ward.

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