8 chef tips to make him eat

8 chef tips to make him eat

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Your kids are quibbling at their plate. Conflicts around daily menus are exhausting. You dream to give a balanced diet to your children and to see them devour your little dishes with good teeth ... Laura, real mother chef, offers you her good tips.

8 chef tips to make it eat (8 pics)

1. Cool, the fish nuggets

Hum, nuggets, and fish please! House is better than industrial version because you are sure not to have palm oil in the breadcrumbs.

Ingredients : 3 back of cod (frozen and pre-cut, we are almost sure to have no bones), bread 2-3 days old, 1 egg, 3 tbsp. flour.

The trick: cut the raw fish into sticks and mix the bread to obtain crumbs (but not powder). In three different soup dishes, put three spoonfuls of flour in the first, beat one egg in the second and pour the breadcrumbs in the third. Roll the sticks successively in the three plates and cook them in the pan.

2. Yum, the meatballs

Introduce him to this carnivorous pleasure by serving him meatballs with steamed potatoes. Ideal for little ones who are still struggling to chew steak and a treat for grown-ups too.

The ingredients (for a small family): 100 g of chopped veal or pork, 1 beef, 1 slice of bread (bread or baguette) soaked in milk and drained, 1 pinch of salt and pepper or sweet paprika.

The good trick : to give a little mellow, mix a little onion or take a c. tablespoon yogurt and a few drops of lemon for the stuffing.

The trick: mix everything before rolling the meatballs. Sprinkle with flour a cutting board, roll the meatballs before cooking in a pan.

3. The minced fish mince is not bad

Ingredients : 1 fillet of fish steamed: white fish, tender, such as halibut or sole (for more texture, choose cod), potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil for a Provencal touch or parsley and butter in the fashion of the North, a pinch of salt.

The turn of the hand Once the fish and potatoes are steamed, crush them gently and mix. Mix the tomatoes separately with olive oil for the Provençal option, or parsley and melted butter for the Nordic touch (either to choose from). Add to the rest of the mixture and salt slightly.

4. Fingerfood for vegetables

The fingerfood, do you know? The little ones should have fun soaking the orange, red or green sticks, according to the vegetables, in a creamy sauce.

Ingredients : assorted vegetables: carrot, cucumber, radish, tomatoes cherry, celery branch ..., fresh squares, 1 drop of milk, chives, curry.

The trick: cut the raw vegetables into sticks. For the sauce, crush the fresh squares with a dash of milk, curry, salt, pepper and everything your child likes to enhance the taste.

5. Does the stoemp say something to you?

This is what is known as mixed vegetable purees in the North.

Ingredients : mix together three vegetables maximum, not to blur the tastes. To choose to soften: butter, olive oil or cream.

The trick: Once cooked, crush all vegetables with a fork or a little butter, or use the mixer in a slow position. Better, the famous puree of our grandmothers. Avoid mixing too quickly, especially if you have potatoes in the mix, to avoid "chewing gum" textures.

The good trick : deglaze the pan where you cooked the meat with a knob of butter and a tablespoon of water. Pour the juice obtained on the puree. You can also make a little rabbit decoration as in the picture with a little light cream.

6. Playful sandwiches, you tried?

Ingredients : soft bread (crumbs or large slices), cottage cheese, radish, cucumber, tomatoes, etc.

The trick: spread with cottage cheese, lightly salt and garnish with sliced ​​crudités.

The good trick : add some herbs for the amateurs.

7. The verrines, it's amazing

The verrines, it's going to put a lot of eyes on him and it's the opportunity to eat, in a fun way, complete dishes. To eat with a mini-spoon, it's more funny!

Verrines Greek salad way: top with tomato coulis, then fill with diced cucumber and mixed feta cheese. A few drops of olive oil and it's over.

Parisian Titi way: mix lettuce strips with cubes of cooked ham and potatoes, yoghurt sauce.

Resto way: alternate asparagus tips and bacon in small pieces, then crushed egg sprinkled in the last layer.

Little breakfast or gourmet snack: mixed banana yoghurt smoothie, sprinkled with chocolate chips or a mixture of cottage cheese and strawberry.

8. Surveys, the good little dishes

To make him appreciate his meals, think about putting the sauce! Our recipes:

Fresh yogurt vinaigrette: this sauce is a nice tablecloth for cold potatoes or boiled eggs. Mix 1 lemon juice, 1 yogurt, 3 tablespoons of olive oil (or half olive oil and grape seed oil), salt and pepper.

Fluffy sauce for steamed vegetables: mix almonds and hazelnuts with 3 tbsp. of neutral oil and salt, as much yoghurt. Soften with yoghurt as needed.

Sweet and salty sauce for green salad: if your child does not like acidity, replace vinegar with apple juice.

Greedy blend and health: mix 100 g of fine salt with 200 g of toasted sesame. Give an impulse to the mixer. Ideal for salads, omelettes or small vegetables.