7 questions about the blanket

7 questions about the blanket

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Ninin, Loulou, Pinpin or Doudou, your little treasure does not separate from his trusty cuddly toy ... But why is this tender companion so indispensable to many children? What role does it play in their evolution? Test your knowledge of cuddly toys by taking our quiz.

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The blanket plays a special role.

That's right. It's wrong.


The blanket, or rather the transitional object, term used by child psychiatrist Donald W. Winnicott is a way for your toddler to talk to you when you're away. His blanket will help him fight against the anxiety of separation, which becomes very pregnant around 8 months. At this time, your child realizes that he is not "one" with you, that you are a separate person from him, which he does not necessarily live well! Because he "talks" to you, his blanket can help him pass this course!