7 tips to enjoy the snow

7 tips to enjoy the snow

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What an adventure for a toddler to see the snow for the first time! Discover the advice of the parents' notebooks of the magazine Popi to accompany him during this great moment, and to amaze you with him ...


  • The roofs of the houses and the trees covered with a white coat, a sparrow who digs a small hole in the snow to look for food, a dog raising sheaves of flakes while snorting ... A new show for your child, different of his living environment usual. This novelty will arouse in him all kinds of emotions, wonder, astonishment and also sometimes some worry. Hence the importance of your presence at his side when he rubs himself in this new environment.


  • So he can enjoy the joys of snow without getting wet or cold, remember to protect your child from the cold. Plan underpants (underpants and tights), a fleece, a ski suit, waterproof mittens, a hood, fur boots.
  • Do not forget to coat your face and lips with a protective cream to prevent sunburn and cracking. Equip him with sunglasses so he does not suffer from the reverberation of the sun on the snow.


  • Your mission ? Introduce your child to all the fun resources offered by a snowy path or field. While walking, make him notice the footprints that his little feet leave in the snow. Nothing delights him so much as to mark the world around him with his traces and thus to feel a feeling of control, of power.
  • Make snowballs, light and not too compact, and throw it on it smoothly. Invite him to return the favor. It's so funny to attack Dad or Mom to laugh! Roll together in soft snow like cotton. Build with him a snowman or a small igloo: he will be the proudest of the builders.


  • To offer him his first sensations of gliding, choose a comfortable toboggan, with a small file. Wrap her legs in a blanket because near the ground the temperature is lower. Here we go ! Start by sledding on flat terrain, away from the slopes used by skiers to avoid the risk of collision. If he is not scared and asks for more, get on the toboggan with him and start on a slight incline. The speed, the wind on his cheeks, the impression that nothing can stop him: that's enough to provoke euphoria and excitement.


  • Walking on the snow is a challenge for a toddler. Not only does the ground sink under his feet, but in addition, he struggles to perform the movements of walking, all engulfed that he is in his suit and his boots! So that it does not fall too often,support it: Crouch at his height, hold one of his hands with one hand and place your other hand under his buttocks. Thus, if it is unbalanced, it can rely on your palm as a stool.


  • To the snow, all his senses are awake ! The look is as magnetic by this whiteness as far as the eye can see. Hearing is solicited by the sound of the snow crunching under the shoes, the creaking of the branches, the muffled and muffled sounds. The touch of course is also summoned: what mysterious matter, this snow, lasts when compact and liquid when it is kept too long in his hands ...


  • So many discoveries that can be accompanied by words: "it's cold", "it's wet", "it melts", "the flakes" ... In such a context of pleasure and emotions, the words will print in his memory. And will allow him to tell his adventures, once home, very warm!

Text: Isabelle Gravillon. Thanks to Anne Gatecel, psychologist and psychomotor therapist. Supplement for parents, Popi, February 2016


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