He is sleepwalking

He is sleepwalking

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  • You thought your child was sleeping soundly and now you find him in the living room with a vague look. Yes, sleepwalking children exist! Like night terrors, sleepwalking is part of the group of parasomnias, a kind of disruption between sleep phases. One of the causes seems hereditary: in 60 to 80% of the cases, the parents themselves were subjected to these nocturnal walks.
  • In general, they occur one to three hours after falling asleep during a very deep sleep phase.

Do not wake him up

  • If you catch your child wandering in the middle of the night, there is no way to wake him up. In principle, he will go back to his bed. You can help him, especially if there is a risk - next to a staircase or an open window - bring him gently, but firmly, to his room. The episode usually lasts less than ten minutes.

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