Making love increases life expectancy

Making love increases life expectancy

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Forget vitamins and dietary supplements, to live longer, make love! This is the advice of Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, who publishes "Life and Time" and reveals that having regular sex has many beneficial effects on health.

  • Good news at last in the flood of tragic news of recent days ... According to Dr. Frederic Saldmann who brings together several studies in his book "Life and Time" (Ed.Flammarion), including that of Professor David Weeks of the Edinburgh Hospital , making love regularly increases life expectancy. At the rate of 3 sexual intercourse per week, you can expect to live an average of 10 years more!
  • Indeed, frequent intimate relationships stop the onset of many diseases, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, just like another sport. Moreover, know that a sexual relationship is losing about 200 calories, the equivalent of twenty minutes of running.

Oxytocin would protect women from breast cancer

  • oxytocin, hormone released during sex but also during breastfeeding, would have a protective effect against breast cancer. Moreover, in the eighteenth century already, an Italian doctor, Professor Ramazzini, had sensed this phenomenon by noting that there were many more breast cancers in convents ...

Fewer prostate cancers in men

  • An American study, performed on 30,000 men, reveals that frequent ejaculation (21 ejaculations per month) reduces by a third the risk of being exposed to prostate cancer. Indeed, frequent ejaculations allow the prostate gland to evacuate carcinogens that accumulate in the prostate.

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