5 apps for back to school

5 apps for back to school

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After the idleness of the holidays, the come back arrives with its lot of constraints. At the same time you have to manage the files at work, the children's school, extracurricular activities ... Here are our favorite apps to help you in this pivotal moment of the year!

Family Place: the family diary

  • Family Place is a family diary designed by the operator Orange, but it is not necessary to be a customer to use it. This very well designed application allows you to share calendars and diaries of all family members and to share shopping lists. But we can also honor and comment on the best moments with his family, via a photo sharing, and communicate with them by mail. A good way to go back to school at the beginning of the school year together with an optimal organization to tackle this new year!
  • WE love : For Orange's Open customers, the Family Place Premium option is offered.
  • We like less: The location option to find loved ones is not up to date.

Kartable: a handy app for homework help

  • Kartable, these are courses and thousands of exercises and corrected in 13 subjects and for 9 levels, from the class of CM1 to that of terminal. All in accordance with the programs of the National Education. What satisfy a lot of students and parents! The subscription, which costs € 13.99 per month without commitment, gives access to all courses, exercises and fixed in unlimited and download courses to view offline and print them if necessary. An excellent tool to start the school year on the right foot!
  • WE love : The ability to manage multiple student accounts by connecting directly to a single parent account.
  • We like less: Attention to the tacit renewal of the subscription.
  • Kartable for Android: Google Play
  • Kartable for iPhone: App Store

Family Link, to manage the time spent on screens

  • Back to school is often an opportunity to put in place good habits for the upcoming school year, especially regarding the time spent by children on screens and the choice of content. Family Link is here to help set rules and enforce them. It's the parents who set the limits, the devices that can be locked remotely when it's time to do something else. Activity reports can control the time spent on each platform and it is also possible to block the download of certain applications.
  • WE love : Suggestions for applications recommended by teachers.
  • We like less: Although it is available on the App Store, Family Link is, like all applications designed by Google, more powerful on Android devices.
  • Family Link for Android: Google Play
  • Family Link for iPhone: App Store

Wunderlist, to share its lists and reminders

  • When the excitement of the back to school approach, the organization is one of the keys to success and especially peace of mind. This application allows to create task lists with reminders, easy to share with the whole family. With Wunderlist, no more question of forgetting an appointment, a birthday or the registration date of the last one to the judo! The whole family knows the important deadlines, and can also bring a touch, for example on the shopping list.
  • We like: LThe changes made by each family member are instantly synchronized.
  • We like less: On Android, you can not search in the tasks performed, unlike the version for iPhone.
  • Wunderlist for Android: Google Play
  • Wunderlist for iPhone: App Store

CamScanner, for scanning and archiving documents

  • Back to school is the time when you are asked for tons of documents: identity papers, medical certificates for sport, insurance certificates ... And this, for each member of the family! To avoid getting lost, CamScanner is the ideal application. It allows to scan directly with the camera of his smartphone all the necessary papers and to transform them into PDF of good quality, to have them always with oneself, and to print them as needed. You can then easily perform a search to quickly find the right document. Simply indispensable.
  • WE love : With the advanced edition mode, you can annotate your PDFs.
  • We like less: A watermark "CamScanner" appears on the documents generated with the free version.
  • CamScanner for Android: Google Play
  • CamScanner for iPhone: App Store

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