Pregnant 6 months, how to slow down my weight gain?

Pregnant 6 months, how to slow down my weight gain?

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"I'm 6 months pregnant, I've already gained 9 kilograms How to slow down my weight gain?" Our specialist, Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers Lucille's question.

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris *

  • Weight gain of the pregnant woman is part of the monitoring of pregnancy. Normal weight gain is an average of one kilogram a month until the sixth month of pregnancy. During the last trimester, weight gain averages two kilograms per month. That's why it's estimated that 12 kilograms mean weight gain during pregnancy. But when a woman "only takes" 9 kilos it's good too.
  • When a pregnant woman is gaining too much weight, it must be understood that it is not the baby who is growing too much, but her. She is not at risk because of these extra pounds to give birth to a big baby but rather to deal with complications such as gestational diabetes, water retention, hypertension ...
  • Another risk to take too much weight during pregnancy: the formation of a mass of intrapelvic fat, inside the small basin that can hinder the baby's exit. It is in this sense that the midwife or obstetrician advise to limit weight gain.
  • Normally at 6 months, you must have taken 6 pounds ... So there are 3 pounds too much! But this is not the disaster. Weight gain should be monitored and regulated to allow the pregnant woman to carry out a healthy pregnancy. To stabilize the weight gain, we must continue to move and ensure its food: avoid fast sugars, cakes ... do not eat too much fruit too! Most are very sweet so high in calories. It is therefore recommended not to consume more than 3 per day! We prefer vegetables, proteins, dairy products, rice, pasta and wholemeal bread.

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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* Author of Welcome to the world, confidences of a young midwife (Editions Leduc,)

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