Eczema: phyto, homeo ... nature remedies

Eczema: phyto, homeo ... nature remedies

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Red, scaly, itchy patches: eczema is an allergic skin condition that affects 20% of toddlers. Taking into account all the triggers is necessary to relieve your child.

Eczema: the nutrition reflex

  • When eczema appears on your baby's face, it is localized on the cheeks and cheekbones. From 2 years, it extends to the folds of the elbows and knees, on the hands, arms, back, behind the ears and on the scalp. Around 3-4 years, it tends to fade, or even disappear.
  • The hereditary allergic factor being highlighted, it is important to reduce food allergens to the maximum, consulting an allergist. In fact, some foods favor flares such as milk, soy, strawberries, peanuts or eggs.
  • Others, on the contrary, are reputed to fight against these cutaneous affections. Favor: hypoallergenic milk, asparagus, raw or cooked cabbage, watercress, raw turnip, orange juice and grape, dandelion and black radish, a natural antiallergic.
  • Brewer's yeast is effective for treating eczema. Choose it in flakes and sprinkle your child's soups and yogurts at a teaspoon per day.
  • Tip: give your baby orange juice or grape juice in his bottle and carrot-watercress-dandelion purees. Try the slices of black radish or turnip to suck for tea. You never know, if he liked, it would be perfect!

Eczema: the phyto reflex

  • To soften the skin, relieve itching and promote healing, brush your child with sweet almond oil or olive oil on dry plates only. Then swab it with white or green clay, with antiseptic and healing properties, also on oozing slabs.
  • On the latter, you can apply a grated organic carrot, with the skin, to heal the wounds.
  • In her bath, dip a sock containing two cups of oatmeal. Squeeze it regularly to extract the liquid and rub your child with it. Oats relieve inflammation and itching.
  • Internally, think of a decoction of burdock roots, wildflower flowers or organic nettle leaves for their antiseptic virtues and their effectiveness on all skin diseases: make him drink a cup on an empty stomach.
  • Tip: you can give your baby a small infusion in his bottle on waking. If your baby does not like the taste but is hungry, he may still drink a few sips!

Eczema: the homeopathic reflex

Treating eczema "from the inside" is the goal. The treatment must be continued in the long term, even if the results are not visible right away.

  • Abbé Chaupitre N ° 59 (Arkopharma): 5 drops three times a day, diluted in a little water or directly under the tongue, away from meals.
  • aponaria (Boiron): 5 granules twice a day, or 10 drops of oral solution three times a day.
  • Tip: for a baby, crush the blood cells in a bottle of water.

Eczema: the massage reflex

  • To calm the itching and treat eczema, locate the following: The first is located in the middle of the knee crease, at the back of the body. The second is at the bend of the elbow, at its end, the outer side. Stimulate these points several times a day, turning in one direction then in the other, for a few minutes.
  • Tip: sing a song to your baby during the massage to distract her.

If he has eczema

Opt for cotton sheets, keep your room cool and airy.

Give it a warm bath for 10 minutes, use a mild soap surgras.

Avoid pets.

Prefer the lino and limit the fluff in the bed.

Limit stress and anxiety situations to prevent relapses.

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