4 Christmas stories

4 Christmas stories

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Chloe writes her letter to Santa Claus, Chloe offers a gift, Chloe meets Santa Claus ... Quickly discover the 4 unpublished Christmas stories, written by Marie Desplechin and told by Nagui. Stories to listen to, but also to watch video, print or coloring to have a good time.

Chloe meets Santa Claus

- Come on! said Dad, giving me my jacket. Surely you want to go out to anger you. Oh no. Not at all. It's cold. In addition, it's raining. My darling daughter is not afraid of the cold! Dad insisted. He leaned over and gave me a big wink. I tapped my foot .-- No, but he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the door.

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Chloe and the Christmas of animals

- "For Christmas, Mom is preparing a party and Dad buys a tree, he goes to get the box of decorations at the top of the cupboard and then he asks me to help him hang the balls and the garlands in the branches." a lot this time, when we are both in front of the tree, it's my favorite moment. "

I discover history in all its forms: video, text, coloring!

Chloe offers a gift

- "It is not enough to wait for gifts sitting next to a tree, sit down and wait, any piglet can do it ... Are we celebrating Christmas in piglets? No, holidays have not been invented for children to behave like animals, they exist to offer them the opportunity to behave like angels, that's the truth, and gifts come in more. "

I discover history in all its forms: video, text, coloring!

Chloe writes a letter to Santa Claus

- Mum ! Mum ! Santa Claus It was dark and Mom was hanging her coat on the coat rack. She had just returned from work. She sighed: - You're very excited, Chloe ... What's going on? - It's Valentine! At the canteen! He said Santa did not exist. He lies ! Hey, Mom, is he lying?

I discover history in all its forms: video, text, coloring!

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