4 good ideas to make your return easier

4 good ideas to make your return easier

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You had a good holiday, here you are rested and your children. This is a good time to adopt some good habits that will make your life easier at the beginning of the school year. Our suggestions.

1. Finish the race for clothes!

When you have small children, one of the family stress moments at home is the stage of clothing. The parents would like it to go quickly ... the little child turns him suddenly into an eel to escape them. How to avoid tensions or conflicts?

  • Offer your child a routine. Imagine with him a "protocol" that he will follow to get dressed and that will be the same each morning. So that he feels really involved in this process, give him some choices: do you prefer that I pass you your clothes one by one when you get dressed or that they have the shape of a man on your bed? For buttons, you prefer to take care of it alone or that I help you?

Why does it work?

  • When a child is well involved in the making of a decision, there is less risk that he will then challenge it. In addition, a routine is a repetitive and reassuring environment for children in which they want to sink. It is no longer in their eyes, a situation imposed by an adult almighty but a voluntary action.

2. Sharing tasks without getting angry

Other moments of potential irritation, with children a little bigger, participation in household chores: put the cover, empty the dishwasher, put his dirty laundry basket. How to get their participation without raising your voice?

  • Offer your child or children: a family council. We meet between parents and children, and we wonder what we need for the house to turn out well for everyone? Everyone speaks and says what is important to him. For you, that the laundry does not stay in a ball in the bathroom. For your child, let the green plants be watered. Once all these important tasks listed, everyone agrees to assume some, including at least one of the least pleasant. And if after a few days, your child starts to be prayed again ... get him involved in the search for the solution: Do you think that you would be better able to hold your commitment if instead of doing it in the week , you did it on weekends?

Why does it work?

  • By doing so, you show your child that he is an active part of the family, that the family is counting on him to function well. But the more a child feels part of his family, the more motivated he is to contribute to the collective well-being.

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