Games to have fun!

Games to have fun!

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Keskon made? I do not know what to do? How to channel the overflowing energy of your bored children or keep them busy at a birthday party? Some ideas of games to amuse them: The snail, The card is played! and I have three scarves ...

The snail

  • On the ground with chalk or gravel from the driveway with a stick, draw a spiral snail, then 12 boxes inside, much like a goose game.
  • In turn, each child jumps from one hut to another on foot or with both feet together (depending on age).
  • If he does not touch any line and reaches the last box, the "sky", he writes his initial on a square of his choice. She is his.
  • The next player is no longer allowed to jump in this box! And if he also reaches the sky, he can put his name on a square!
  • So on until no one can reach the sky box.
  • Whoever has the most boxes wins!

The card is played!

  • This card game, which is played two or four, will entertain your tribe, from 5 years.
  • Hand out the cards to your little players.
  • The first player kills the card of his choice.
  • The next must be on top of a card of the same color or value. So on, the little player who kills his last card first wins!
  • Council +: with your older children (and therefore faster), you can opt for the variant: each player kills his cards of the same value, or the same color ... without waiting his turn!

I have three scarves ...

  • Ideal if you are a few, this game requires a minimum of 9 children and is played from 4 years.
  • Collect scarves (or fabrics) of three different colors. Each child stuck one in his pants (easy to catch by others).
  • At the signal, each child tries to seize the two colors that are missing, the one who succeeds first has won!
  • The others finish the game.

Agnes Barboux