Discover the baby gym!

Discover the baby gym!

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Climb, crawl, jump, run ... Thanks to fun and age-appropriate activities, baby gym classes allow children from 15 months to 6 years old to get acquainted with gymnastics while developing their motor skills.

Your child is between 15 months and 6 years old and has lots of energy to spare? Why not enroll in a baby gym class? The French Gymnastics Federation has set up a network of 1500 labeled clubs in France.

How is a baby gym class going?

  • For 50 minutes, your child will alternate balance courses, roulades or even ribbons, all in music!
  • Baby gym classes are organized in 5 steps and take care to respect the rhythm of the child: a time of welcome and trust around the game, the presentation of the theme of the session and the various workshops that work on motor skills, coordination, and trust in the game. itself. Not to mention the activities that appeal to the imagination and the artistic sense.
  • All courses are provided by instructors specially trained in this discipline.

5 good reasons to join the baby-gym

  • - The sessions take place in a suitable and secure place
  • - The material is adapted. Mini foam rings, mini suspension bars, mini trapezes, plastic stilts, small hoops, brightly colored balloons, scarves, fabrics and small musical instruments
  • - The animators hold a diploma of the French Gymnastics Federation
  • - It is an activity that can be practiced in family
  • - The French Gymnastics Federation participates in the program "eat well, move well" to fight against childhood obesity

Baby gym: I watch the video.

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Want to know more about baby gym classes? Go to the official website of the French Gymnastics Federation.

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