100 families have tested

100 families have tested

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Regularly, the writing of and offers you to test a selection of novelties and note them. Discover the products tested by our readers the previous months, the opinion of the editorial staff and the mothers (or dads!) Who tested them. And do not hesitate to give your opinion if you have tried them too!

Ergobaby Compact Baby Carrier

Comfortable, it has padded shoulder straps and belt. Evolutive, it allows three positions of portage: ventral, dorsal or on the side. It is used from birth.

The opinion of the testers.

The game Time's Up! from Family 2

The family version of this famous game that offers 440 new words and meets adults and children from 8 years in wild parties. The rule remains unchanged: to guess the words drawn on the cards by describing them, using only one word and, finally, by mimicking them.

The opinion of the testers.

Safe 1st DECT Safe Contact Plus Baby Monitor

To monitor your baby safely, DECT technology ensures high quality sound. Its VOX system limits the emission of waves for a better security.

The opinion of the testers.

The Angel Care bath recliner

This deckchair is installed directly at the bottom of the bath. Ergonomic, it has a perforated honeycomb surface acting as a small hammock to comfortably install your baby.

The opinion of the testers.

Klorane Bubble Bath and Small Junior Shampoo

We love the fruity flavors of this new range of care for children. These hypoallergenic products are tested under pediatric control and guaranteed without alcohol, essential oils and parabens.

The opinion of the testers.

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