Cutting of shells and splinters: what to do?

Cutting of shells and splinters: what to do?

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Walk on the rocks, ride in the forest ... the pleasures of the summer are sometimes accompanied by small accidents that must be managed. Cuts and splinters, the good gestures.

He cut himself with a shell

  • Strolling on the rocks or on the beach looking for shells is good, but it happens to hurt and open your foot.

How to react ?

  • The cut can only heal if the wound is properly cleaned with an antiseptic and completely cleared of foreign objects (pieces of shells, glass).
  • At the slightest doubt, it is better to consult. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection.
  • Once the wound is clean, you can apply a dressing, which you will change each day, monitoring the progress of healing.
  • The most difficult is to protect for a while the bobo of sand and water ...

He has a splinter

  • Pretty sandals and stroll in pine forest ... it happens that a thorn sinks into the toe of your child. Do not panic !

How to react ?

  • If the splinter is accessible, effectively try to remove it with tweezers.
  • If it broke inside the skin, no need to run to the emergency room! The only risk is infection, so clean it by soaking your foot in a Dakin solution several times a day.
  • If the toe becomes red and sore, however, consult the doctor.

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