24 children forgotten in cars in 2 years

24 children forgotten in cars in 2 years

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The Consumer Safety Commission (CSC) revealed that between June 2007 and August 2009, 24 children were left behind in cars, with 5 fatalities. To avoid these tragedies, the CSC asks automakers to think about warning techniques. (News of 13/01/10)

  • Each summer, the phenomenon of babies forgotten in cars is in the news. In a study, the Consumer Safety Commission reveals that between June 2007 and August 2009, 24 cases of children were forgotten in their parents' cars, resulting in five deaths.
  • The CSC recalls that in the passenger compartment of a vehicle the temperature can increase, depending on weather conditions, from 10 to 15 ° C per quarter of an hour. The child, whose body temperature increases three to five times faster than that of an adult, then risks dehydration, convulsions and a drop in blood pressure.
  • To prevent these dramastechnical solutions are rare or nonexistent. That's why the CSC is inviting car manufacturers to think about warning devices in conjunction with car seat manufacturers.
  • Finally, the CSC invites parents to be attentive signs of fatigue or stress that can lead to forgetfulness of a child and advises them to create personal "sticky notes" by placing something close to the child that is essential to them: for example, a corporate badge or a purse.

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