How are our European neighbors preparing Christmas?

How are our European neighbors preparing Christmas?

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If, in France, the turkey with chestnuts and the log garnish the table of many families the evening of the Eve, what is it with our European neighbors? A quick tour to learn more about their Christmas customs.

Christmas in England

  • How are we preparing Christmas? In early December, the little English send cards to their friends and family. For the decoration of the tree and the house, we favor red and green. On Christmas Eve, children go out on the streets singing carols. In exchange they receive small gifts or sweets. D-day, we decorate the Christmas table with "crackers", papillotes with a small surprise inside.
  • What are we eating on the 24th? In England, there is no Christmas meal without turkey chestnuts and the famous Christmas pudding, consisting of dried fruits, sugar and alcohol, covered with white icing. Traditionally, it is prepared 5 weeks before Christmas because it improves with time!

Christmas in Germany

  • How are we preparing Christmas? The Adventskranz (Advent wreath) is made from a family with fir branches, pine cones and holly. We then fix four candles, which are lit successively every Sunday of Advent. Before Christmas, children celebrate St. Nicholas on December 6th. They get together, sing a song and receive some gifts in return.
  • What are we eating on the 24th? German families enjoy a grilled goose accompanied by red cabbage and apples. For dessert, enjoy the Christstollen, the traditional Christmas cake, the equivalent of our log.

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