How to discover gardening with my child

How to discover gardening with my child

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Walk on all fours on the wet grass, plant a seed, watch a radish grow, play with ants, smell the various scents of aromatic plants ... Baptiste Pierre, botanist gardener and scientific mediator gives you ideas that will certainly please your gardener budding.

It really pleases children to garden, to discover the garden?

  • Yes, because the garden is a little privileged place for their questioning. The garden brings together the curiosities that children can have about their environment. All children go through this period of why and how: why grass grows? why are the leaves green? why are they falling? why are birds singing? etc.

But we are not going to wait for the period of the big questions to make discover to his child the joys of the garden?

  • Of course not ! As soon as the child begins to walk on all fours, the garden is a space of sensory discovery and exciting motor. As soon as he walks in a garden, for example, a very small v different sensations as he tramples an alley of sand, earth, pine bark, or grass soft or thick. Likewise touching the grass, plants or flowers. Breathing flowers or aromatic plants, he discovers yet more sensations ... The garden is a richer discovery area than the house or apartment where the variety of materials is probably less important.

What are the main stages of discovery for a child?

  • From kindergarten to discovery by the senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing) is added the imaginary dimension. You can read stories, stories, legends where trees, flowers, plants are often personified. This develops the imagination of children. And then, from 5 years and primary, the child will learn more vocabulary, will start writing, and learn a little technical gestures: learn to dig small holes in the ground to sow, learn to water . He will also begin to realize that the plant is a living being ...

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