Amber necklace: pay attention to the risk of strangulation

Amber necklace: pay attention to the risk of strangulation

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In an effort to prevent the dental pain of their child, many parents are tempted by amber necklaces that have therapeutic powers. Sometimes forgetting that they present a real risk of strangulation for their baby ... Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician, takes stock.

1. What do you think of amber necklaces that would prevent babies' dental pain?

  • Dr. Di Mascio: the amber necklaces act as a placebo. This natural product has existed since the dawn of time and many parents feel like believing in its supposed therapeutic powers. They say it can not hurt to try, yet no study has ever shown that they actually prevent dental pain.
  • But the main problem is elsewhere: these collars can be dangerous for the child because he can choke with, playing or sleeping. If his necklace gets stuck somewhere, the child will not have the reflex to back down like an adult to reduce the pressure, on the contrary, he will continue to shoot. The risk of strangulation is therefore important. If it breaks, the baby may also ingest the pearls and choke.

2. Do you therefore totally discourage their use?

  • Dr. Di Mascio: worn around the neck, yes, like all other necklaces. I am not more supportive of chains. The child can just as much strangle with. When parents ask me how to do it, I advise them to hang the medallion on a body, with a small safety pin for example. It can also hang on top of the bed.
  • For the amber necklace, if you really care about it, put it around your baby's wrist.

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