Cnaf: watch out for fraudulent e-mails

Cnaf: watch out for fraudulent e-mails

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In recent days, many people receive fraudulent emails apparently sent by CNAF and entitled "Payment". Do not answer it, it's a fraud. (News of the 01/09/10)

If you received this fraudulent e-mail: what to do?

  • If you did not provide the requested information by this fraudulent email: delete it immediately from your mailbox.
  • If you have already submitted your personal and / or bank details to the author of this fraudulent message: Quickly notify your bank to oppose. Then notify your Caf to change your PIN for access to the "My Account" section of Your Caf will send you a new PIN.

As a reminder

In no case your Caf will not ask you by e-mail to communicate your bank details. To learn more about this type of hacking and better protect yourself, you can consult the site:

Stéphanie Letellier