Aniseed slippers

Aniseed slippers

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That they are trunk these two-colored booties with their button on the top. Made in 2/2 rib, jersey and moss stitches, they were featured in the March 2008 issue of. To coordinate with the matching vest and panties.


Unique: 6 months.


Phildar knitting yarn, Lambswool quality (51% lambswool, 49% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Ecru; Pennant quality (100% cotton): 1 pel. collar. Bud • aig. n ° 2,5 • 2 buttons.

Points used

Ribs 2/2: * 2 m. end., 2 m. approx. * • Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. * • Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.


For the sole, cast on 40 sts. Ecru. Tric. in the garter stitch. 1 m. at 1 m. each end and on both sides of the 2 m. in the 5th row, increase. 1 m. at 2 m. at each end and on both sides of the 4 m. in the 7th rg, increase. 1 m. at 3 m. from each end and from both sides of the 6 m. In the 9th row, increase 1 m. at 4 m. at each end and on both sides of the 8 m. central stations = 56 m. Tric. 2.5 cm of rib 2/2 Bud in distribution. 2 increase on the 1st rg. Rab. the 58 m.For the top, climb 15 m. Ecru. Tric. 4 rows in garter st and then cont. in stockinette st. Starting from 9th row of stockinette st, sts at 2 sts. from each end ts 2 rows 4 fs 1 st .: at the beginning of row, knit. 2 m. then 2 m. together at the end .; at the end of the rg when he remains 4 m. on the ea. left, slip 1 st, work. 1 m. end., rab. the m. slipped on the m. tric. then tric. the last 2 m. Rab. the 7 m. rest.


Fold the slipper to close the sole and the back. Inlay the top in the opposite part. Sew a button at the edge of the top, just in the middle.

Creation: Patricia Antoine, Catherine Bouquerel and Juliette Liétar for Phildar.