15 tips to boost your torque

15 tips to boost your torque

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Not yet or already parents, the life of a couple is not always a long calm river. So, how to communicate well, to be surprised, to preserve oneself, to desire oneself ... in short, to love oneself? Here are 15 tips you may not have thought of!

1. End up at two

  • As long as the children are small, they mobilize you concretely, physically and psychologically, and this leaves you little time to go out, to save you spaces exclusively for two. Not to mention that it is expensive to take a baby sitter and pay for the restaurant and more ... when the grandparents can not take over. It is however essential to find you both. Even a little coffee after you have dropped your baby at his Asmat and it's a good day!

2. Inviting yourself at home

  • Going out at any cost to be alone, this is not necessarily possible. If finances, fatigue or time do not allow, you can invent your formula "evening lovers" ... at home. Regularly, organize a neat dinner, cooking, dressing a little. The children will have dined before and there you will be very quiet.

3. Talk about everything

  • Each one of you is involved in family life and shares with the other what he lives outside, especially at work. Proof that the information flows well at home, but also between the outside and the inside of your nest. This is essential because it allows you to organize well on a daily basis and enrich each other with what everyone lives on his side. Nevertheless, this may not be enough. Do you ever talk about yourself, what you feel, your states of mind, your mutual expectations? Is your relationship still present in your exchanges?

4. Share

  • "My darling, please, it would be so good if you did" too "the dishes, laundry, clothes drying, cooking ... In France, women assume 80% of these obligations, while they are also 80% to work, even when they are moms most often.So, what is the position of your man on the subject? Thank him for kindly specify his point of view because it is about the good health of your couple ... Of course, you will use tact and diplomacy.

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