Pregnancy calendar: the 8th week of pregnancy (10th day of pregnancy)

Pregnancy calendar: the 8th week of pregnancy (10th day of pregnancy)

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Two months already! Sixty days that you think about it night and day: you wait for a baby and apart from you, nobody sees it! You can not stand arched, nothing. If it is a first pregnancy, you will have to wait several more weeks before you notice your small can.

Baby side: he has heart

We are now talking about fetuses! At the end of the second month, the embryo becomes fetus, from the height of its 3 cm to 3 g approximately! We can say that the "big work" is completed. Now begins a long period - seven months - where he will refine the details. Yes, incredible but true, now all the organs are formed and your baby has almost a human appearance!

The tiny heart of your baby is beating at full speed. The left part and the right part are now distinct. His pulse is about twice as fast as yours. This tiny "pump" activates the circulation and supply between the umbilical cord and the placenta.

His brain develops little by little. In short, these first months are essential in the construction of your baby and this masterpiece is made possible only through the genetic program that orders the specialization of each cell to a different organ and function: heart, brain ... magic , no ?

At this point, his head is upright and takes a rounded shape. The genitals develop but are still not differentiated.

Mom's future: the fault of hormones

Some pregnant women are surprised to lose weight in the first few weeks instead of taking it. No worries, it is the flow of hormones in the body that moderates the appetite. Many women also have stomach pain. And even if you still do not have a big belly in sight, on the other hand, your breast is now bigger and is preparing for lactation. Do you feel a little, a lot ... tired? The fault of pregnancy hormones, which the body must first get used to.

Give yourself an extra break (including at your place of work)! Pregnant women are entitled to it. Anything that stimulates circulation and creates oxygen in the body can also be useful: moderate endurance sport, alternating hot and cold showers and massages.

Medical question: where do the cravings come from?

A gherkin pie or Tagada strawberries. For some time, you have cravings for the least original. Physiological need or whim? To date, no explanation has been found, but know that you are not the only one to experience funny desires: 73% of women know this phenomenon.Succub to the temptation and let say!

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To clean, avoid as much as possible aggressive cleaning products, especially aerosols, harmful to you, your baby and the planet!

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