14 tips to quit smoking

14 tips to quit smoking

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Stop smoking ... essential when you are expecting a baby! Even better, take it before you are pregnant. Here are some simple tips to help you. Not sure it works, but nothing costs to try!

  • Make a hole at the beginning of the cigarette.
  • Put your pack of cigarettes in your mailbox (very effective if you live on the sixth floor without a lift).
  • Buy lollipops without sugar.
  • Make yourself smoke in one room of your apartment or house (or on the balcony).
  • Let your cigarettes burn.
  • Suck a square of bitter dark chocolate light.
  • Limit coffees that always make you want to smoke
  • at the same time.
  • Take a mint-free chewing gum or candy
  • Mint-flavoured.
  • Make sewing, knitting, embroidery, puzzles. Do your nails, strum on your computer.
  • The bottom line is to have your hands busy.
  • Cut your cigarettes in half.
  • Crush each cigarette halfway.
  • Take a sip of water, take the time to unclog the bottle, pour the water into the glass, rinse it and store it.
  • Write down the date and time on a notebook each time you want a cigarette. And decide to wait five minutes.
  • Try a day without tobacco. And continue ...



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