DIY: the solar eclipse box

DIY: the solar eclipse box

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Friday, March 20, in the morning, will be an eclipse of the Sun. Do not miss it ... while protecting yourself! The Petites Mains magazine shows children how to make a box to observe this eclipse safely.

Eclipse of the Sun: what you need to know

In France, the eclipse of March 20 will be partial, but it will obscure anyway from 62 to 81% of the Sun. However, at each solar eclipse, hundreds of people irreversibly damage their vision. To watch the eclipse, it is essential to protect the eyes with special glasses dedicated to the observation of solar eclipses.

  • Check that the reference "CE 89/686" is written on your glasses.
  • Never use: slides, x-rays, CDs, photo-film etc. to watch the sun or a solar eclipse.
  • Also, do not use old glasses from a previous eclipse, they may be scratched or damaged.
  • If you do not have glasses, you can do this DIY that will allow you to observe the eclipse without risk since you do not need to look directly at the sun. The image of the sun is projected in a box and as the eclipse progresses, we can see the image of the Sun being "nibbled" by the passage of the Moon.

DIY offered by Little Mains magazine

  • To make the solar eclipse box, just a shoe box with its lid and a toothpick. To observe the eclipse, simply orient the box so that it projects the image of the sun inside the lid. The smaller the hole, the sharper the image, but less intense. The larger the hole, the brighter the image will be. The further the cover is, the larger the projected image. Good eclipse observation!

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A DIY idea proposed by the magazine Little Hands (Milan)