13. A baby, it likes red

13. A baby, it likes red

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13. A baby, it likes red

By the age of 2-3 months, the visual acuity of your toddler reaches 1/10 th. His field of vision still looks like a tunnel, which will gradually widen into a cone. At 2 months, over a distance of 60 cm, this visual field is about 30 °. At 6 months, it will go to 60 °. It is at this time that your baby discovers a passion for everything that is colorful. First red and green, then green and yellow. The retina of the infant already has 6 million cones, which make it possible to distinguish the colors, and 100 million rods responsible for the vision in black and white. These nerve cells are still too far apart to play their role effectively. They will be at least one third of their race at the age of 3 and in full at ... 8-10 years old only.


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