Bobos of the summer: the good reflexes!

Bobos of the summer: the good reflexes!

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Sunny days finally arrive. But it is also the time of small sores ... Heat stroke, small cuts, bumps and other bites of insects invite themselves on vacation. The advice to the mothers of our specialist, Dr. Gilles Jourdain, pediatrician and hospital practitioner.

Cuts: to clean well

  • The cut can not heal if the wound is properly cleaned with an antiseptic and completely cleared of foreign objects (pieces of shells, glass).
  • At the slightest doubt, it is better to consult. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection.
  • Once the wound is clean, you can apply a dressing, which you will change each day, monitoring the progress of healing. The most difficult is to protect for a while the bobo of sand and water ...

Bump: watch for 24 hours

  • The first thing to do is to put cold on the bump to avoid inflammation, the ideal is to have available in his freezer a cold pocket (type 3M) and apply it surrounded by a thin cloth to prevent the cold does not burn the skin. This will limit the extension of the hematoma and the appearance of the hump.
  • Depending on the age of your child, you can apply a Hemoclar or arnica-based ointment. Be careful, some even homeopathic creams are prohibited under 1 year!
  • It will also monitor your child for 24 hours to check the quality of his waking. And consult urgently in case of vomiting.

Jellyfish sting: we rinse!

  • Like nettles, jellyfish are stinging. The first mistake after a jellyfish sting is to scrub! Indeed, the venom is contained in small vesicles that are broken by rubbing, which accentuates the pain.
  • The ideal is to rinse or soak the affected limb in warm salt water, because the heat destroys the venom. Then apply a soothing cream for two or three days.

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