11 tips to make life easier and stop moaning

11 tips to make life easier and stop moaning

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Very often one is rattling, and of course it is the fault of others, the children or the spouse. In a book full of humor and good humor, "I stop complaining about my children (and my spouse)", coach Christine Lewicki and her sister Florence Leroy give us tips for finding serenity.

And if to stop moaning was to change your state of mind first? To finish with the small problems which turn into drama for a yes or a no with the children. Here are 11 tips for finding a more peaceful family life and getting rid of this polluting habit.

1- Sowing small messages of instructions

  • Rather than repeating and wasting your energy unnecessarily, write small messages where you have instructions to give. For example, above the switch in the hallway, a discreet post-it with writing "turn off the light" will avoid you to repeat that it must be extinguished. But let's not forget that moderately repeating is also part of the parenting role. Everything is not acquired the first time when you're a child.

2- Arrange the house to simplify the life

  • We want everyone to participate at home? So let's try to arrange the places to facilitate everyone's tasks. For example, put dirty laundry bins in each room, and different colors for the little ones to find themselves there. We still create a simplified user manual of the washing machine for older children.

3- Use a "table of emotions"

  • Emotions are not controlled, they are part of everyday life. Draw on a sheet of faces (small smileys) each showing a different mood, name them and then display it on the refrigerator. At the side, on another sheet, write the different needs that everyone can experience. For example "I need hugs". In the morning, everyone will check the boxes corresponding to his mood as well as his need. The dialogue will be easier, and this knowledge of everyone's emotions will encourage discussion in the family.

4- Talk together about what we like

  • Take the time to listen to your child, and talk with him about what drives him, passionate him. He will feel recognized and will have less difficulty in accepting the various tasks he has to perform during the day. No need to moan.

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