Bottle: he is addicted

Bottle: he is addicted

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Between 1 and 2 years, the use of the spoon is in principle acquired. He rushes on his milk bib 'wake up, okay. But this magic bottle, he claims it also for lunch, dinner ... and even to fall asleep.

Between 1 and 2 years, the use of the spoon, started around the sixth month, is in principle acquired. This is the case for your baby who nevertheless continues to ask for his bottle at the slightest opportunity. If, moreover, he always balks at the small pieces of food that you have tenderly prepared for him, it becomes necessary to control the situation.

Why is he clinging to his bottle?

  • IIt is important to know if his obstinacy in wanting the bottle constantly comes from him. Even if you decided it was time to withdraw it gradually, his reaction may have made you falter.
  • Resist big tears a baby who seems to be hungry is sometimes difficult. Some parents continue to bottle feed their child at any time of the day, while the toddler is developing normally and is ready to feed like the older ones. For the parent, the bottle holds the symbolic value of the gift.
  • Your child may be clinging to this mode of feeding because he does not want to grow. By staying a baby, he tries to be pampered longer. He must learn that cuddles will stay, even if the bottle disappears one day.

Learning the rhythm of meals

  • Your child is now old enough to adapt to the rhythm of the greatest, with fixed meal times. The time has come for the bottle to adopt a secondary position and for your child to realize that at meals, he eats on a plate. The bottle will be reserved for morning milk, afternoon tea and / or evening.
  • To differentiate meals and bottle-feeding, your toddler needs to experience the pleasure of the table. Eating is an act of sharing and not an individual gesture that is associated with the bottle. Install it on his high chair at the big table. If he experiences this satisfaction during the meals taken together, he will be ready, later, to respect the person who prepared them.

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