Baby shaken: a nanny sentenced to two years in prison

Baby shaken: a nanny sentenced to two years in prison

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A 51-year-old mother's assistant, accused in 2006 of causing the death of a baby after shaking her, was sentenced to five years in prison, two of which were closed after her trial at the Assises de Loire -Atlantic. (News of 12/11/10)

Recall of facts

  • April 18, 2006, Louan's parents, 5 months, entrust her for the third day in a row to an approved maternal assistant in Savenay (Loire-Atlantique). At lunch time, the nanny rushes to her neighbors to prevent help because the baby is not well. Hospitalized in a serious neurological state, the little girl dies a month later.
  • Placed in custodythe nanny is suspected of shaking the child. She will acknowledge that she has been "annoyed" by the baby's crying and "grabbed her under the armpits without taking care to hold her neck."


  • The defense demanded acquittal from the nanny to the benefit of the doubt. But this mother of 3 was sentenced to 5 years in prison, two of which are closed. It is also permanently forbidden to carry on an activity in contact with children. "At the material time, we were more fussy to give permission to care for exotic birds than to care for a baby," added the Advocate General. "I do not overwhelm you: you were not made for this job," he concluded.
  • Defense has already announced that she will appeal.

Stéphanie Letellier