Chubby baby, when to worry?

Chubby baby, when to worry?

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Sensitive to the obesity speech, you worry that your child is being overweight. Are you wondering if he is not too chubby for his age? The advice of Professor Jean-Philippe Girardet, pediatrician.

At 1 year, your baby is very good and that's normal. He has accumulated reserves that will disappear as soon as he learns to walk. Exercise, it's good!

Chubby at 1 year ... a sign of good health

  • At 1 year, all babies are naturally chubby and use this fat to complete the maturation of their nervous system. At this age, the brain grows every day by two grams. Its formation precedes that of the rest of the body and fatty acids are essential for its growth and development. Since birth, your toddler has taken on average 6 to 7 kg while he will take only 2 to 3 the following year. This weight gain is an excellent indicator of his health. This is the time when your child is growing bigger than he is growing up.
  • He is not working yet and has spent little in the first year. His milk-based diet is rich and eating is his main activity. His mouth is the organ that allows him to come in contact with the outside. Food is one of the first sources of pleasure and he does not hesitate to suck. From 1 year, his interests will expand and he will less and less think of his stomach.

The curve of corpulence: a landmark

  • In addition to height and weight curves, the pediatrician fills the curve of corpulence in your child's health record. It is plotted against the body mass index (BMI) that reflects the body fat percentage. This index takes into account the size and weight of your child. The pediatrician reports this number in the health record at each consultation.
  • The weight gain curve, associated with growth in size, is a fundamental part of monitoring your toddler's physical condition.

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