Defenestrated baby: the mother indicted

Defenestrated baby: the mother indicted

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The young mother, suspected of throwing her baby out of the window last August, was indicted for intentional homicide on a minor under the age of 15 by ascendancy. (News of 09/09/10)

  • On August 26, a baby of 2 weeks was defenestrated from the apartment occupied by his parents in Toulouse. Aged 34 and described as "psychologically fragile", the mother of the child was admitted to a psychiatric ward. She was indicted and imprisoned Monday for intentional homicide on a minor under 15 years by ascending, as requested by the floor. His pretrial detention takes place in Purpan hospital under "conditions adapted to his medical situation," said the prosecutor.
  • The first elements of the investigation had concluded that the young mother, then alone with her granddaughter, would have committed the unimaginable. The aunt of the infant was on the landing and was waiting to enter. She heard her niece crying, but when she finally got inside the apartment, the baby had already fallen. She's the one who warned the firefighters.

Alison Novic