Barbie, forest killer?

Barbie, forest killer?

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Not eco Barbie? This is the opinion of Greenpeace, who attacks the giant Mattel, accusing him of using packaging contributing to the destruction of the Indonesian forest. The manufacturer has stopped sourcing from Indonesia and will investigate on the spot. Let's hope that Ken supports his sweetheart in this event. (News of the 13/06/11)

  • Is Barbie responsible deforestation of tropical forests? This is the accusation made by Greenpeace against Mattel, through a video posted on social networks staging the breakup of Barbie and Ken for ecological reasons.
  • in this video, Greenpeace accuses the famous doll's manufacturer of using tropical forest deforestation packaging "a mixture of tropical timber from deforestation in Indonesia's forests", including regions hosting the last tigers and orangutans of Sumatra, in Indonesia.
  • Directly targeted Indonesian pulp leader Asia Pulp and Paper, who has asked Greenpeace to prove its charges because, according to him, 95% of cardboard packaging contains recycled paper.
  • For its part, Mattel asked his suppliers to stop sourcing from APP for six months, the time to conduct this investigation.
  • Barbie, new eco icon ?

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