10 recipes of natural household products

10 recipes of natural household products

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Many chemicals are hiding in household products sold in supermarkets. So why not concoct your own 100% natural products yourself?

1. To clean all surfaces

  • Mix a dose of white vinegar and a dose of water to have a natural household product that will be used on all surfaces, including windows and mirrors. Add a few drops of lemon if the smell of vinegar annoys you.

2. To clean your floors

  • Dilute a piece of Marseille soap with a glass of white vinegar in a bucket of hot water. And here is an effective natural product for cleaning floors.

3. To dust off the furniture

  • Mix olive oil with lemon. Put a small amount on a cloth and clean your furniture. Magical !

4. To descale the toilet

  • Mix one cup of baking soda with a cup of white vinegar. Pour into the toilet bowl, leave for a few minutes, brush and pull the hunt.

5. To clean windows and mirrors

  • In a spray bottle, mix an equivalent amount of white vinegar and water. Apply with a cloth. For difficult stains, use pure white vinegar.

6. To clean the bathroom

  • Mix bicarbonate with a little Marseille soap and an essential oil of your choice to give a good smell. An ideal mixture to clean washbasin, shower or bathtub.

7. To get rid of limestone

  • Pour 3 tablespoons of soda and 1 tablespoon of Marseille soap shavings into a quart of hot water. Apply generously with a sponge on the surfaces and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with clear water.

8. To unclog the sink

  • Pour into the sink a half glass of white vinegar and half a glass of baking soda. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with boiling water. The sink should be open.

9. To clean the clothes

  • Grate the equivalent of a glass of organic soap. Add half a glass of bicarbonate and another half glass of soda crystals. Mix well and place in a glass jar. For each detergent, use a tablespoon of this natural detergent.

10. To deodorize a room

  • In a saucepan of water, gently boil cloves and cinnamon sticks. It swamps in the house!

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