Baby gaga ... or mother's milk ice cream

Baby gaga ... or mother's milk ice cream

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The English do not lack imagination or audacity! A glacier in Covent Garden sold last week an ice cream called "Baby Gaga", made from breast milk. (News from 01/03/11)

  • It was only the English to imagine such a flavor. Last week, Icecreamists at Covent Garden in London sold ice cream called Baby Gaga, made from breast milk. Sold at a price of £ 14, or about € 16, this vanilla flavored ice cream from Madagascar and lemon zest is already out of stock.
  • This ice cream is presented in glasses and the cocktail containing breast milk is in a small bottle that is added to the ice cream.

Where does the milk come from?

  • It's thanks to a mother named Victoria Hiley, that the first 50 ice creams could be manufactured After having passed a medical examination, this mother was paid 15 £ (about 18 €) for 280 ml of her milk.
  • Presented as 100% natural and organic, this ice has made emulators. The glacier has received many nominations from other moms willing to donate their milk for a fee.

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