Today is pasta party!

Today is pasta party!

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Pasta, big and small are fans! Spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine, angel hair, farfalle ... discover our recipe ideas for the whole family, from babies to adults. It's pasta party!

Today is pasta party! (12 photos)

Farfalle with tuna

Yum ! A delicious recipe of almost big. From 12 months. See the recipe

Fettuccine with vegetables

A colorful plate that mixes gourmet vegetables and pasta. What to unanimously! See the recipe

Alphabet soup

A bit small for the alphabet ... except at the table! From 9 months. See the recipe

Pasta with vegetables

Vegetables, it goes alone with pasta! A fantastic recipe and vitamin to make him taste as early as 18 months. See the recipe

Cream of green beans

An astonishing mixture of small pasta and beans to make him discover from 8 months. See the recipe

Chinese noodles

Sauteed vegetables, Chinese noodles ... from 18 months, make him discover these flavors. See the recipe

Crispy angel hair

Angel's hair ... little pasta crispy in the teeth! With these little cookies, guaranteed pleasure from 2 years. See the recipe

Tagliatelle carbonara with lamb's lettuce

Delicious little bacon in a melting recipe with pretty colors. See the recipe

Spaghetti with almond pesto

Pesto and pasta is a love story that is not about to end. In this recipe, the pesto highlights the taste of spaghetti and it's good! See the recipe

Lasagna with vegetables

Lasagna 100% vegetables, a recipe full of flavors to taste. Young and old will feast. See the recipe

Bolognese lasagna

Lasagna, big and small are fans! Why not do them yourself? It's easy, fast and so good. See the recipe

Pasta with vegetables

Carrots, tomato, broccoli ... vegetables, it goes alone with this recipe in Italian fashion! See the recipe