Scribble workshop

Scribble workshop

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All around a table to create pretty scribbles. First, it flows. In addition, when your toddler learns to master his gesture, his drawing is quickly transformed into a work of art ... Provided to color it too!

  • Take out the bics, the colored pencils, chalks, markers ... and even gouaches. Install young and old around the table. The advantage of squiggles? Even your youngest of 2 years can participate in the workshop!
  • Show your little troupe how to create a beautiful scribble, with a large gesture on a large sheet. The squiggle can look like beautiful scrolls without having to lift the pencil. You can instead make several small scribbles on the same sheet as snails or zigzags ... Your line can also wiggle all over the page in all directions. Everything is possible with the squiggle!
  • Observe the shapes of each. It's a bit like the clouds in the sky, some of them are funny. Just add two little black circles to create monster eyes, two antennas for a snail, four little legs for a sheep ...
  • Ask the biggest to color these scribbles, the interior of certain welts or the largest volutes, in colored pencil, chalk, paint ... Mix the materials, the colors. It can become really pretty.
  • Show them on the Internet or in an art book paintings by the painter Joan Miro who knew how to paint beautiful volutes without raising his brush!

Agnes Barboux

Contemporary art workshop at home.